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Kwacha Loans is a community lending institution that provides financial services in Lusaka. Since its incorporation, the kwacha team has strived effortlessly to provide alternative finance to what is deemed as the ‘unbankables’ (people that cannot easily access finance from a bank or pay day lender).

It is the goal for kwacha loans to be able to extend its access of finance to more Zambians.

Together we can. Join the Kwacha dream.
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Simple Security

Car based Financial Services All You need is a car and we do not Park.

Friendly Staff

Highly Friendly members of Staff to assist you with processing the Loan.

Approval Process

Qucik Approval process upon submission of all the required documents.

Flexible Payment Plans

Our clients are free to choose any payment plan of their convinience ranging from 2 Months, 3 Months & 4 Months.


Drive away with your money and keep using the motor vehicle while you settle your Loan.


All documents and information submitted to Kwacha Loans remains confidential and private.


This Payment Plan presents You with an opportunity to clear the Loan in a short period of time.

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This is a more Flexible Payment Plan as it Reduces the monthly amount or Obligation.

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Our current clients favorite, A very Flexible payment plan that allows you to spread your monthly obligations.

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Unlock Unlimited access to our Financial services. At Kwacha Loans you can get finance against your motor vehicle and keep using it while paying back.